Maritime Law

Our Shipping lawyers handle any question related to the maritime industry. We offer complete legal advice thanks to a profound knowledge of the laws and regulations that apply to maritime navigation. This includes the construction or contracting of a vessel, contracts of employment of a vessel, maritime labour system, sanctioning proceedings, carriage of passengers, maritime casualties, etc. Relying on a Shipping lawyer, with technical and legal knowledge, is key to receiving a good initial advice in contract matters as well as for the later resolution of conflicts, disputes and arbitrations in which any matter may derive. In Aiyon Abogados we provide our clients with qualified professionals and a wide experience in the area of Maritime Law.


  • Ship registration
  • Shipbuilding and ship repair contracts, ship sale and purchase, ship financing, maritime liens and mortgage
  • Charter parties and shipmanagement contracts
  • Maritime Labor law (MLC), Personal Injury, Crew Manning Contracts
  • Carriage of goods under bill of lading, seaway bills and multimodal transport contracts
  • Carriage of passengers and luggage. Freight, cargo and passengers claims

  • Towage, pilotage, ship agency contracts; Port logistics
  • Maritime casualties: Collisions, General Average, Salvages, Wreck removal, Sea protests
  • Marine pollutions
  • Sanctioning proceedings
  • Marine insurance (P&I, H&M, ICC, Passengers Compulsory Insurance)
  • Cargo and ship arrests
  • Cargo and ship auctions
  • Yachts: Registration and regulation, sale and purchase, building and repair contracts, accidents and personal injury, arrest and liens
  • Piracy